The Garden Room salon is nestled among the residential streets of Leyton East London. We are at the heart of the popular Francis Road hub.  Our style is eclectic as are our clients.

The interior uses upcycled  pieces  in keeping with our desire to minimise our environmental impact. We chose Davines products for their high quality and well documented environmental credentials

Opus is our renewables energy supplier.
We endeavour to recycle/ compost as much as possible. 

We have our ever expanding collection of flora and fauna at the front of the salon giving the nectar lovers something to feed on and recreating a bit of the original Garden room.
We are pleased to note that other local shops are also planting up outside and we are very happy to be on the pedestrianised area with its additional planting and trees. 

After your time with us you can enjoy food at Marmelo, gift shopping at Venner, expand your mind at Phlox books ( this can involve wine ) ... coffee at Yardarm, cakes, pastries and more at Henrietta Inman’s to name a few of our fellow independently run businesses